QLSC Swimmers have the opportunity to compete at various levels of competition

QLSC Club Nights

These are held during the summer months October – March.  They are an opportunity for swimmers and parents to gather informally and practice racing.

Developments Meets

These are entry level meets for swimmers.  Swimmers can give all strokes and distances a go.  These meets have break times.  Please discuss with our race secretaries if you are unsure.

Qualifying Meets

As the name suggests you must have made a qualifying time to swim at these meets.  Qualifying times vary from meet to meet.  Please check each flyer carefully.

NSW Country and NSW State Age Championships

These events are the same as qualifying meets but are held only twice a year at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre (SOPAC).


The highest level QLSC compete at.  This meet is held once a year.

 How to enter a Swim Meet