What to expect at the meet

Arrival: Be aware of the time you should arrive at the meet site. Please be on time. Allow yourself plenty of time if you are going to a pool you haven’t been to before. The coach usually expects a swimmer at the pool 30 minutes before the scheduled start of warm-ups so that they can stretch as a team and go over some last-minute information the coach may have for them, such as relay assignments. When you arrive, find the team area and set up your gear. You will have a chance to meet other parents from the team, as well as your child’s friends.

Warm-up: The team will participate in a warm-up together in preparation for the meet. The coach directs this activity. The children should be on the deck and ready for warm-up (cap, swimsuit, and goggles on) by the announced warm-up time. At some meets there may be an early and late warm-up session. Sometimes the host club will inform the coach of this ahead of time, and sometimes the coach does not find out until they get to the meet. In either case, if your child is at the pool at the time the coach has indicated, they will be ready. Before or after the warm-up the coaches will have a brief team meeting to go over any important information you and your child need to know.

The actual meet: At most meets there will be a Meet Program published and sold which will list which heat (group) and lane your child is in for their events. It is very important to check this when you arrive and bring any errors to the attention of the coach or Team Manager. Younger swimmers (and some older swimmers) find it helpful to have the Event/Event Number written on their arm or leg with a pen or permanent marker.

Once the meet begins, an event will be called and the child will report to the coach for the short briefing and be sent to the Marshalling Area. The Marshalling Area is a staging area where the swimmers are organised prior to being escorted to the blocks by volunteers.

All swim meets have a Marshalling Area and an information board that indicates the event that is being called (this is known as the “claims board”) and the event in progress.

Once the race is over the swimmer should go to their coach to recieve feedback about their race.

Results for each event are posted on a wall and this allows you to check the details and record them for your records. You may choose to fill in your child’s swimming log at this time. After the meet all results are available on the ACT or NSW Swimming website depending on the location of the swim meet. This usually happens within a day or two of the meet.

After the meet: Once a swimmer has completed all their events, including relays, they are free to go. However we encourage them to stay and support their team mates. Sometimes a parent will help organise a team dinner at away meets that all members are welcome to participate in. If it is a multi-day meet, be sure to have towels, warm-up costumes, etc, dry and ready to go for the next day.