Training Timetable – Winter 2017 – QBYN

Squads    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Development   Squad  4pm-5pm  4pm-5pm   4pm-5pm  4pm-5pm  
Junior Squad  4pm-5pm 4pm-5pm  4pm-5pm  4pm-5pm    
Sub-Senior  Squad             6.40am –  8.25am
  5pm-6.30pm 5pm-6.30pm 5pm- 6.30pm 5pm- 6.30pm    
Senior Squad A & B 5.25am- 7.25am 5.25am- 7.25am   5.25am-7.25am  5.25am-  7.25am  6.40am-    8.25am
  4.30pm-6.30pm* 4.30pm-6.30pm 4.30pm-6.30pm 4.30pm-6.30pm*    

*Dryland training from 4.30pm – 5.00pm, swimming from 5.00pm to 6.30pm

The Winter timetable will commence on Wednesday 26th April  2017.

2017 Winter Training Time Table 

There will be no training on public holidays.

Please remember all swimmers are expected to train with their allocated squad at the designated time only, please discuss any issues with our coaching staff.

All swimmers are allocated to the most appropriate squads. Please remember and understand that swimmers with different sizes, ages, skill levels and other factors should train at the appropriate levels to prevent injury. Please be considerate and understand that it is important to maintain a good squad and training structure to allow each individual to prevent any accidents/injuries and achieve their best.

Our coach is trying to meet everyone’s needs!